3 of The Best tea Recipes on the Internet

earl grey tea latte pancakes

Earl Grey Tea Latte Pancake Recipe

Are you willing to line up for food? I’m not talking about a quick 20 minute line up that moves at a brisk pace, I’m talking about waiting in line for hours just to get a taste of something you’ve…

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Chai Tea Cupcake Recipe

I kind of have a slight addiction to Starbucks. I’ve heard all the arguments against: caffeine isn’t great for you; the drinks are sugar bombs; and you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you just don’t go–but I…

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Earl Grey Madeleines Recipe

When I’m feeling a bit peckish and I don’t want a full-on snack, I’ll often turn to tea. A warm cup of milky earl grey always makes me feel super cozy. And of course proper tea needs to have a…

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