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I Am... Crispy Honey Garlic Soy Baked Chicken Wing Recipe

The other day I woke up from a recurring nightmare that I have that's somewhat based on reality. In my dream, it's minutes before a big party with all of my friends and family. Chicken wings are on the menu – there's a reason I keep seeing chicken wings labelled as party wings after all. I put the wings in the oven at 3:00 and set the timer. All of a sudden there's smoke pouring out the the oven and the timer's flashing 13:00. I'm worried about smoke inhalation, the house burning down and whether or not the chicken wings will be salvageable.

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I Am... Sunday Stuff

Do you think the week starts or ends on Sunday? I've always considered Sunday the beginning of the week, but a lot of people (including Mike) argue that it's the end of the week. I guess there's something to both sides of the argument. Regardless, it's Sunday so I thought I'd do a little recap of what I've been up to.

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I Am... Easy Pistachio Cherry Tart Recipe and a Giveaway!

I absolutely LOVE cherries. Artificial cherry flavour has a bad reputation, but it's my absolute favourite fake flavour (lollipops, jello, popsicles). I love fresh cherries even more than fake ones and nothing says summer to me more than cherries. Growing up in Vancouver meant that summertimes were made for road-tripping it down to the Okanagan Valley to pick fruit at all the U-Pick orchards.

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I Am... Caramelized Banana French Toast Recipe

I once knew someone who was allergic to bananas. Okay, I say "knew" very loosely – I knew someone who knew of them. A friend of mine worked in a building where Banana-Allergic girl worked. It was kind of crazy. There were NO BANANA signs everywhere. It was pretty intense. Apparently they had a couple of banana lock downs, I kid you not.

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I Am... Crispy Sriracha Honey Lime Tofu Recipe

Tofu: do you love it or hate it? I'm definitely a lover. Sometimes, when I'm prepping up a block, I'll sneak a bite or two, of cold, unadorned tofu. I'm probably one of the few people in the world who likes to do that, but there's just something about tofu in it's pure state that is so incredibly satisfying to me. Soft/silken tofu, block tofu, egg tofu, tofu puffs, dry tofu, there are so many types of tofu in the world and I love them all!

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I Am... Bacon and Egg Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

I have a thing for breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheese. With a current abundance of potato rolls some of them inevitably ended up as grilled cheese breakfast sandwiches. But, as you can see from the pictures, I didn't put the cheese inside. Nope, no melty cheese here. It's all crispy, crunchy, frico-style cheese for the win!

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I Am... Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

The first time I had KFC (Korean fried chicken, not Kentucky) was in New York about seven years ago. I led Mike on a merry chase around the city visiting random Korean joints that smelled deliciously of deep fried goodness. Our chicken adventures took us to shady, hard to find karaoke bars and actual Korean chains from Korea. At first Mike thought I was a little obsessive, but after that first bite into that sweet and spicy double fried crunch, he was a little obsessed too.

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I Am... Best Burger Recipe

I'm on a burger kick. Possibly due the fact that I ordered 48 Martin's Potato Rolls. You know how in fashion there's a have-to-get-it item every season? All the celebrities have it, there's a massive wait list and there are multiple knock offs at H&M and Forever 21. Or if you're not into fashion, and tech is more your thing, the it-item is more akin to the latest Apple product. Everyone's talking about it, people are lining up, there are videos of un-boxings and jealousy all around.

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I Am... What’s in my kitchen: Pots and Pans Edition

I decided to start a buying guide, just because so many people ask me what's in my kitchen. This series started out life as "The Best (fill-in-the-blank)" but some people are a bit fanatical about the phrase "the best." Here I'll just stick to what I have in my kitchen – it's what works for me. Feel free to tell me what works for you!

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I Am... Filet o’ Fish and Fries Burger Recipe

Back when I was a kid, I was the pickiest eater in all the land, I used to hate pickles. They were sour, they were green, they were crunchy and they just were no good very bad things, in my books. All that changed in an quick instant though, when my brother let me in on a little secret: pickles were what made tartar sauce delicious. See, filet o'fish were and still are Kevin's favourite sandwich from McDonalds. And of course, being the bratty little sister that I was, whatever Kevin had, I had to have too.

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I Am... How to Make American Flag Jello

Do you guys like jello? I have super awesome memories of jello as a kid. All the parties had jello at the dessert table. And it wasn't just any jello – it was rainbow jello! I used to peel apart the layers and eat them one by one, much to the dismay of my mom, who would always act like I was some sort of heathen child playing with her food. Which, okay, I was (playing with my food that is, not being a heathen).

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I Am... Spicy Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe

This is part 5 of Tabasco's 10 ingredient challenge – 5 different recipes made from any of these 10 ingredients: Tabasco, tuna, brioche, eggs, mint/basil/cilantro, dark chocolate, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, cider vinegar and maple syrup. I'm finishing off the week on a sweet (and spicy) note with this super easy chocolate mousse inspired by Hervé This. This is a French molecular chemist who came up with an innovative way of making chocolate mousse with just two ingredients: chocolate and water. Most people would agree that chocolate and water don't mix and normally, they don't. But when you add a bit of heavy whisking into the mixture, the molecules rearrange themselves and you end up with a super smooth mousse that actually sets into something luxuriously delicious.

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