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I Am... Baked Banana Donuts with Nutella Glaze Recipe

I'm on a doughnut binge! First I came down with a midnight craving for doughnuts that resulted in some deep-fry action, then I saw a doughnut pan on sale at Crate and Barrel. I just had to buy it. Anything that makes doughnut making a little simpler is a-ok in my books.

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I Am... Fifteen Minute Doughnut Hole Recipe

Do you ever get hit by a random craving in the middle of the night? The other day it happened to me and it was doughnuts, of course. Delicious, hot, sweet and fluffy doughnuts. I could have left the house to find a random 24 hour doughnut shop, but at that point in the night, leaving the house seemed like a massive undertaking.

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I Am... Yamamoto Menzou, Kyoto, Japan

Want to know a secret? I'm horrible at post-processing. Horribly slow that is. I'll take a million or more photos while on vacation, or even while cooking for the blog, but I'll only post-process a handful. And while I know the ultimate for most photographers is out-of-camera, there's something romantic (as least as romantic as you can get in this digital world) about post-processing. It's nowhere nearly the same as a darkened lightroom with a bare red bulb hanging above, but I still like tweaking and perfecting photos. There's still a bit of art in post-processing (even with the same starting image, everyone's photos will turn out differently) and I think that's why it takes me so long to get around to my raw files.

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I Am... Banh Mi Taco Recipe

These banh mi tacos combine two of my favourite things: banh mi and tacos. Sometimes it not so easy finding fresh Vietnamese baguettes (I'm quite picky about the bread my banh mi is made on) and for some reason, using tortillas seemed like the obvious answer. Vietnamese and Mexican food share a love for limes, cilantro and spiciness so it's natural to pair them up.

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I Am... Roast Beef Sandwich with Wasabi Mayo Recipe

I feel like sandwiches are one of those polarizing foods. Maybe not so much like foie gras or durian, but there are definitely two camps: sandwich lovers and sandwich take-it-or-leavers. I'm a sandwich lover: I love their portability and how their possibilities are endless.

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I Am... Bourbon Peach Julep Fizz Recipe

It's still Peach Week, and it's Friday so it's time to get your drink on! I'm not much of a drinker (mostly because I'm a complete lightweight) but I do love a well balanced alcoholic treat. My favourite drinks tend to be quite girly—I like things that serious drinkers scoff at: fruity liqueurs, shandies and anything pink.

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I Am... Bourbon Peach French Toast Recipe

It's peach week! I love peaches and I love french toast, so it was inevitable that I would combine the two. Peaches and French toast go together so perfectly. Add some bourbon sauce in the mix and you have a winner.

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I Am... Peach Panzanella Salad with Mozzarella and Mint

Have you ever gone fruit picking? Every summer, when I was young, my parents would take us on a fruit picking road trip. We'd all pile in our maroon minivan, me in the middle seat and my brother in the back. We'd hit up all the Okanagan valley orchards, buckets and ladders at the ready. After a couple of days of sleeping under the stars (in a tent of course — after all, we are Asian!), instant noodle breakfasts cooked over a campfire and literally pounds and pounds of fruit picked, we'd head on home where we would redistribute our fruity treasures.

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I Am... Triple Fried Chips Recipe

Most people fall into either the french fry category (thin and crispy) or the chip category (thick and potatoey). I happen to love both. I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to golden, delicious deep-fried potatoes. Thin, thick, crunchy, crispy, I love it all. What I don't like is deep-frying my own potatoes. I don't have anything against the deep-frying part, I'm just impatient when it comes to getting deep-fried goodness into my belly. Most french fry or chip recipes take a solid chunk of time and I'm sorry to say that this recipe does too. But trust me — taking the time to triple fry your chips is worth it.

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I Am... London Burger Bash

  I have a mild obsession with burgers. I think that —when executed right—they are a perfect food. Juicy, chargrilled beef; soft, yielding buns; and savoury toppings come together in a glorious explosion of flavours and textures.

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I Am... Spicy Carrot and Chicken Pasta Recipe

Maybe I don't know where to look for spicy food in Europe, or maybe my idea of spicy differs from the palate here, but I've noticed that there's a decided lack of spicy heat on this side of the pond. I haven't turned into one of those spice monsters that travel around with ghost chilli pepper flakes in their pocket, but I do appreciate that tingly burn you get when digging in to a perfectly spicy dish.

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I Am... Mushroom and Pea Orzo Risotto Recipe

San Sebastian is where I've had the best food I've had in all of Spain, maybe even all of Europe. It was delicious, innovative, accessible, and best of all, in small plate format. How can you not love a tiny version of a perfectly composed dish? I could barely stop myself from ordering entire menus…okay, I admit it: it happened once. But it was a small menu at least!

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