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Happy 2015 and a Blog Redesign!

Happy New Year friends! I set up this lil re-design to go live at 12 am on the dot because I like things all neat and tidy. It’s a brand new year and I am a Food Blog is...

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The Best of 2014: A Recipe Round Up!

I’ve got to say, 2014 has been a wild ride! The end of the year is a time for reflection, so I took a look back through the archives. It’s so hard for me to pick favorites, but if...

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Sunday Brunch: Easy Roast Beef and Brie Puff Pastry Breakfast Tarts Recipe

Happy post-holidays friends – I hope everyone had a good one! I’m guessing you might have some leftovers hanging around. And maybe even some guests? If so, these guys would totally be super easy to whip up for a casual weekday...

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Cookies for Santa: The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Usually I feel a little weird saying “the best.” I hear it/see it a lot, but I tend to reserve the best for, well, the best. Inevitably, this means I don’t use “the best” as a modifier very often. That being...

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Sunday Brunch: Christmas Morning Coconut French Toast Recipe

Every time Sunday comes around I always ask myself, where the heck did the week go?! Is it me or does everyone feel that the older you get, the faster time seems to pass by? As a kid, the...

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Friday Links: 12.19.2014

Woah! Christmas is coming up fast! It’s the last Friday before the big day – are you guys ready? It’s just me and Mike in Tokyo so we’re planning on a DIY takoyaki party on Christmas Eve and a traditional...

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Sweet Side Dish: Holiday Quinoa Recipe

For me, it’s always about the sides. I could make a meal out of side dishes and to be honest, I have, many times. This Christmas quinoa salad has what I think of as wintertime flavours: dried cranberries, crispy...

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Treats to Make and Gift: a Recipe Round-Up

Come Christmas, I’m all about the baked goods, all the time. So just in case you’re not sure what you’re going to bake this year, I have a quick little round up from my archives for...

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Party in a Jar: Mini Sriracha Chicken Pot Pies Recipe

If you’re a fan of food blogs and you don’t live under a rock, you probably know Molly, the gorgeously happy voice behind My Name is Yeh. I had the pleasure of meeting Molly (and being her date!) in...

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Sunday Brunch: Epic Rice Cooker Pancake Recipe

If you wander around Tokyo, you’ll start to notice random line ups outside restaurants. People might be politely queuing for that ultimate bowl of ramen, a bag of artisanal popcorn, or (and this is the most likely) a plate...

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Vegan(!) Creamy Corn Soup Recipe and a Giveaway!

I’m a huge soup fan. Chunky, smooth, creamy, or noodle-y, come wintertime, I want all the soups, all the time. Thankfully, not all soups take hours to make. This corn soup, thickened with a bit of tofu and seasoned...

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Friday Links: 12.12.2014

I am so incredibly obsessed with Tokyo’s pastry game. It seems like everywhere I go I see something I want to eat. The cake above, Sadaharu Aoki’s Matcha Adzuki has delicious layers of matcha buttercream, dark chocolate genoise,...

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